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Color enhancer shampoo for pets

Color enhancer shampoo for pets

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This shampoo helps to enhance the color and shine of the dark mantles of pets. The color enhancer shampoo for dogs and cats, intensifies the pigmentation of black coat and other colors such as brown.

  • Petuxe color pontenciator shampoo helps enhance the color of your pet's black or brown hair.
  • Brings a natural shine to the coat, achieving a silky and shiny finish.
  • This pet shampoo contains a UV sunscreen that protects the hair and skin of dark pets that retain more heat than the rest.
  • Shampoo with great washing power, for deep cleaning of black or brown fur.
  • Ph stabilized at 7.5
  • Shampoo for dogs with black, brown or dark tones that need to gain shine and be revitalizedPerfect for breeds like
  • Doberman, Rottweiler, Newfoundland, Scottish terrier, Italian Mastiff, Schnauzer.
  • This shampoo is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin.
  • The formula of this shampoo allows to respect the natural fat of the pet for the protection of the mantle.
  • Contains a floral aroma with a high fixation on the pet's mantle.

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