Cómo sacar espigas a un perro

How to remove spikes from a dog

If you need to know how to get ears out of a dog, you must take into account certain factors to avoid that a moment as pleasant as the walk, turns into a bad day.

The spikes are small barb-shaped seeds, which are shed from plants and spread very easily. They are very easy to find in any open field, even in parks and gardens.

Why is it so dangerous?

The spikes become entangled in the dog's fur, and can subsequently be introduced into practically all parts of the body, such as the skin, eyes, nose, mouth, legs, etc., leading to infections and abscesses. For this reason it is very important to act fast and delete them immediately.

How to get spikes out of a dog?

When it is a superficial spike that you find in your hair, you can remove it with your hands, or the help of tweezers, paying close attention to the fact that there is no remainder.

In the event that the spike has penetrated the skin, we recommend that you go to a veterinarian as soon as possible, and not try to do it at home, since the spike can break and stay inside.

How to prevent injury?

As always the best prevention is to avoid it, so if you live in the field, or have a garden in your house, try to remove them to avoid injury. In his walk down the street or parks, he avoids the areas of bushes, and tries to walk on clean walks.


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